Discover email automation to add 15-20% in store revenue

This guide will reveal how to: 

  • Advance your basics with 3 key revenue-generating email flows.
  • Master 4 advanced email automation flows every eCommerce business should have.
  • Generate profits and effectively see a boost in email performance within weeks
  • ​Maximize ROAS and increase conversions without increasing your  ad spend
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In this guide, you will discover….. 
  • A Lucrative Email System for your eCommerce business . Pick off the lowest hanging fruit for your business if you want to see noticeable results within weeks!
  • ​Benefits of Email Marketing Automation. Familiarize yourself with the technical terms of email automation and learn why it’s a “must-have” for eCommerce businesses.
  • 3 Profitable Core Flows. The 3 essential email flows to warm your list, drive conversions and automate profits for your business.
  • 4 Advanced Email Flows. Discover more "beyond basic" flows to humanize your customer journey, boost AOV and generate more returning customers.
  • Invest in the right tools. We reveal the best email email marketing tools you can use to implement and optimize your eCommerce email.
  • ​The best practices to automation. After 7 email flows, more crucial tips to help you master automation and maximize the benefits of email marketing for any eCommerce business

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